Please read and follow these guidelines before uploading your master.

When prompted to enter an email address, please enter

DDP Filesets – Accepted for Replicated CDs & Duplicated CD-Rs & Vinyl Pressing

1. An MD5 checksum digit must be allocated for each file.

2. All files (including the MD5 checksums list) must be compressed and saved into a single zipped folder.

3. The zipped folder should be named with the Product Catalogue Number and / or the Artist Name and Project Title.

4. A PQ sheet should be included. For vinyl masters, this should clearly identify Side 1 and Side 2.

16-bit WAVs – Accepted for Duplicated CD-Rs & Digital Distribution (Downloads / Streaming)

1. Supply 16-bit WAVs at a sample rate of 44.1kHz

2. Clearly identify each file in the correct track running order, e.g. “1. The First Song Title.wav” “2. The Second Song Title.wav” etc..

3. Zip all WAVs into a single folder and name this folder with the Product Catalogue Number and / or Artist Name and Project Title.

24-bit WAVs – Accepted for Vinyl Pressing

1. Supply 24-bit WAVs at a sample rate higher than 44.1kHz if available.

2. Supply a single WAV for each side of the record.

3. Clearly name the files with the Product Catalogue Number and / or Artist Name and Project Title, as well as “Side 1” & “Side 2” (more for multiple disc sets).

4. Include a PQ sheet or, as a minimum, a track list with timings for each side.

Sending your master.


You can upload your master via the link below:

By Post (DVD Masters)

Please clearly mark the artist, title and catalogue number on the disc face and on any accompanying paperwork including the case insert. To avoid damage and scratching to the disc surface, pack your master into a hard jewel case and send it in a padded envelope or jiffy bag. If sending from within the UK, we would recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery Post. This is an inexpensive and secure method for sending  masters and is available at any Post Office. Delivery is guaranteed by 1pm next working day and the package can be tracked if it does go astray.

Be sure to make – and keep very safe – a copy master made to at least the same standard as the one you send to us.

NEVER send the only existing copy to us. Our postal address is on the footer of every page.