Digital Music: A Worldwide Marketplace

Digital music is fast becoming the backbone of the music industry thanks to major platforms such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Downloads, streaming & online sales have created a new, worldwide marketplace that anyone can access. Many musicians, be they chart-topping stadium acts or singer/songwriters armed with an acoustic guitar and a laptop working from their bedroom, use digital music platforms to bring their work to audiences that may otherwise never get the opportunity to hear their music.

Our downloads and streaming package, and our online CD sales package, are both available to all of our clients. They are available at a discounted rate to clients using our music promotion package.

If you are interested in our online distribution services, please let us know in the “Anything Else” box in your quote form. Alternatively, please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements.

Downloads & Streaming: How It Works

We can make your music instantly available worldwide via a range of online platforms including iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and Google Play. For this service, we charge a one-off set fee based on the number of tracks on your release. The track files will be pulled from your finalised master and converted to the relevant file type by us, ensuring that the quality of the recording is never compromised. Furthermore, we can convert your artwork and offer it as a digital booklet along with your album.

You will receive your first payment three months after your music has been submitted to the digital platforms, along with login details for a secure website where you can track how and where your music is being downloaded and streamed.

Sell Your CDs Online: How It Works

We can sell your CDs online via the Birnam CD Online Shop, and through our five-star rated Amazon Seller accounts on Amazon UK and Amazon US. We stock twenty-five copies of your release and make them available from the websites listed above, then pack and send them out as the orders come in. You’ll be paid for every purchase.

To set this up, we charge a one-off fee. We then sell the CDs at our standard rate and take a small commission (deducted after Amazon’s fees).


How will I be paid for my digital sales?

Birnam has partnered with an aggregator to make your music available via iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify and more. The aggregator collects all royalties and makes the first payment three months after your music has been available online. Subsequent payments are made monthly.

How much can I charge for my digital music?

Individual tracks can be sold for 79p or 99p. The cost of the full album is then selected from a pre-determined list of tiered prices, starting at £1.49 and going up to £14.99. The objective is to ensure that buying the full album is cheaper than buying each track individually. For example, if you had a ten-track album and wanted to sell the individual tracks for 79p each, we would recommend selling the full album for £5.99 or £6.99.

Can I make my music available for download but not for streaming?

You can, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Over the past year, streaming has become more and more prominent. It is predicted that in the next year or two, streaming may make downloads obsolete. Many platforms, such as Google Play and Amazon, already have a streaming service that is connected to their downloads store; anything that is available to purchase as a download is automatically added to their streaming service. If you would like your music available for download only, we would be able to offer it through iTunes only.

How will I be paid for my online CD sales?

Unlike our downloads and streaming service, Birnam handles online CD sales directly. We collect the money for each sale and pay you on a monthly basis. You are free to contact us at any point to request immediate payment of any funds you are due.

Does Birnam take a percentage of my online CD sales?

Yes, Birnam takes a small cut for any online CD sales through our shop, Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Am I free to distribute my music through other platforms?

Absolutely. Birnam makes no exclusive claim to your music. Your music remains your music and you are free to do with it whatever you please.