Music Promotion with the Birnam PR Package

Our music promotion package is available to all of our clients. Give your music a high-impact push across the media and increase your profile. Building on decades of experience in the music industry, we have established a comprehensive database of key contacts across the UK. Through a mail out targeted specifically for your music, we will put your release in the hands of reviewers and radio presenters all over the country. Our contacts range from selective online programmes and personalities, to well-known presenters and reviewers operating on a national or international level.

If you are interested in our promotional package, please let us know in the "Anything Else" box in your quote form. Alternatively, please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements.

What's included in your Promotional Package?

  • 1) Promotional Flyer A four-page A5 flyer that provides an eye-catching alternative to a standard press release.
  • 2) CD Units A number of card CD display boxes. Set them up on the merch stand at any of your concerts or donate them to shops for storing your CDs.
  • 3) Social Media Graphics A series of of graphics for use on your social media channels. We can supply graphics for posting as well as banners for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube.
  • 4) Posters A4 or A3 posters to promote your concerts. White space can be left for overprinting, or filled in prior to printing.

Tier 1

  • 50 CDs and Flyers Sent Out
  • 50 Full-Colour Posters
  • 50 Additional Flyers
  • 2 CD Display Units
  • Promotional Web Page
  • Social Media Support
  • Online Track Registration

Tier 2

  • 100 CDs and Flyers Sent Out
  • 100 Full-Colour Posters
  • 75 Additional Flyers
  • 4 CD Display Units
  • Promotional Web Page
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Social Media Support
  • Online Track Registration

Tier 3

  • 150 CDs and Flyers Sent Out
  • 150 Full-Colour Posters
  • 100 Additional Flyers
  • 6 CD Display Units
  • Promotional Web Page
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Social Media Support
  • Online Track Registration

Using these quick links, you can access our case study for an in-depth look at the PR service we offer, a sample version of our Promotional Web Pages, and take a look at some of the many successes our PR clients have enjoyed.

Customise your Promotional Package

Looking for more? We can tailor your Promotional Package to suit your requirements. When placing your order, enquire about any of the following if you would like them added to your order:

  • Additional flyers, posters and CD units
  • Tour posters and flyers
  • Social media graphics
  • Promotional video clips
  • Advert design
  • Merchandise
  • Pop-up banners
  • Highlander Distribution