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Giulio Romano works as a session player, concertist and composer – he has collaborated with top musicians from all over the world. These include the world harmonica champion Greg Miller; the grammy man Phil Ramacon; the pianist, songwriter and producer and founder of the VJB Wayne Brown; Lee John (Imagination); Moreno Viglione (Awarded Italian Guitarist), Rocio Ruano (X factor 2013), and amazing singer (ex zero 7) producer and founder of the Numen Records Mozez, Osmond Wright. Junior Giscombe (British R&B Artist) Melanie Stace and Paulin Catlin Reid from the band (Brown Sugar).

Giulio Romano has played many top venues and festivals across the UK, such as: Pizza Express Jazz, Ronnie Scott’s, T4 On The Beach, Soundbite Festival, Jazz Le Quecum Bar. He performed at Le Bellevilloise in Paris for the International Jazz Day 2015 with his band ” The Gypsy Dynamite “. He has been privately commissioned to play at high profile cultural and charity events at venues such as: the Claridges Hotel; Tate Modern Gallery; The Forge; to mention. He recently played at a gala performance to Italian Fashion at the Royal Academy, guests included the Italian Prime Minister and major figures from the world of Italian and international Fashion.

Giulio Romano can perform as a solo performer or with his quartet “Giulio Romano Quartet” (Sax, Double Bass, Drums, Giulio on guitar). He is currently available for bookings. Please visit his website or email him at




The album is available for download – If you would like a digital copy please email and we will send you the link

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Giulio Romano Malaisi   |   New Album – Unexpected Ride




Unexpected Ride




Giulio Romano Malaisi


30th June 2016


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Unexpected Ride is the first solo album by guitar player Giulio Romano Malaisi.

The album title is inspired by the fact that, when Giulio Romano at age 18 moved from a small village in Italy to the massive city of London, he only planned on staying for a short time, but he couldn’t leave home without his guitar. Very soon he realised that London had a vibrant music scene.

That short experience turned into something much better as he quickly gained work as a session player, concertist and composer, collaborating with top musicians from all over the world. These included such luminaries as Junior Giscombe, world harmonica champion (Jazz category) Greg Miller, the grammy-man Phil Ramacon, the pianist, songwriter, producer and founder of the VJB Wayne Brown, Lee John (Imagination), and ex Zero 7 singer, producer and founder of the Numen Records Mozez, Osmond Wright.

Over the years, Giulio also had the pleasure of playing for and with high-profile singers such as Kate Robbins, Pauline Catlin (formerly of Brown Sugar Reggae Band), and TV star and singer Melanie Stace.

After years of gigs and sessions, Giulio Romano managed to self-produce his first album with an incredible line up formed by Sophie Alloway (drums, percussion) Dario Di Lecce (upright bass) and Michael Rosen (tenor, soprano saxophone).

The album was recorded live across two days at The Eastcote Studio in London, in order to obtain the best feel and authenticity.

Giulio composed many of the tunes of the album between the ages of 18 and 20, and because of his musical influences, the music of his compositions were always structured for a solo guitar concept. He was very much influenced by solo acoustic guitar players such as Michael Hedges, Tommy Emmanuel, Pierre Bensusan, and many more.

Over the years, Giulio has re-arranged all his material so that he could play it in a quartet line-up with a distinct jazz flavour.

The end result is a guitar player who has accumulated many musical influences, from rock bands in high school, to solo acoustic jazz, and finally to jazz guitar mixed to acoustic sounds. This final evolution was inspired by the likes of Antonio Forcione, Ralph Towner, Sylvain Luc, and Egberto Gismonti, to name a few.

The album starts with Maratea, a latin explosion named for a a beautiful village in Basilicata (Italy) where Giulio spent three incredible days playing for the wedding of a dear friend and enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

The second track Grooving Along was written after a strange dream. Initially the tune was mellow and soft, but after playing around with it Giulio worked in a more “groovy” element to the track.

Green Flower Street, the album’s third track, was written by the great Donald Fagen, one of Giulio’s most significant influences. The tune has been arranged into a solo guitar piece.

The fourth track is The Nightfall Song, which is a slow and very melodic Latin tune inspired by the Oregon sound.

Track five is a groovy and beautiful tune by Herbie Hanock from the album Sunlight. I Thought It Was You has been arranged into a finger-style track whilst retaining the original grooves and funk, very much inspired by the sounds of Japanese guitarist Masa Sumide.

The sixth track is the one that gives the album its name. It is a very fast swing tune that was composed originally on an electric guitar filled with effects. It has since been simplified to get the pure sound out of a very fast melody.

The seventh track is a track that Giulio composed when he was 18 and he has been playing for years. He always gave it different names before settling on Randagio, Italian for “stray”, due to the mysterious atmosphere of the track.

Music For Above is the eighth track, written by Giulio for his sister Alessandra, who passed away at the age of 19.

The ninth track, Dark Alley, is the jazziest piece on the album. It was named for its dark sound and features a series of very fast chord changes with a melody inspired by Pat Metheny’s compositions. The piece is complimented with a brilliant groove performed by Sophie Alloway.

The album closes with a rendition of Looking Up, written by the late Michel Petrucciani. It was arranged into a gypsy jazz tune and features special guest and dear friend Filippo Dall’Asta on rhythm guitar. Filippo has been regularly playing with Giulio for the past few years with their band Gypsy Dynamite

Giulio Romano Malaisi

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